LANEIGE Water Bank Trial Kit [REVIEW]

Assalamu'alaikum fellas,

In this post, i'm going to show you my v v v honest thoughts about a product from one of the famous Korean Cosmetic Brands.

Here's the picture of its product


Looks so feminine and clean, right?

Anddd since there's no printed article in the box abt the tutorial to use the product, i will show you my own steps :

Ofc, you have to wash your face first.

1. After that, clean your face again with the Skin Refiner. You can use this with tissue, cotton or with your own fingers. And don't forget to put it on your neck also!

It actually feels better when I use this with my fingers, but unfortunately, the tube's hole is too big so it tends to spill out so easily. About the scent -- well, it's v good because the smell is sooo pleasing and calming:)

2. Then, massage your face with the Emulsion, gently.

This one is nice, very light and not sticky on my face.

3. Repeat the previous step with the Water Bank Essence

This item is nice also, not sticky and not heavy but not as light as the Emulsion.

4. Tap tap your under eyes with the Water Bank Eye Gel, slowly.

I wont mention many things about this item, it's just good.

5. Cover your face with the Water Bank Gel Cream at last

I can say that it's the worst among the items set, it's not light and tooo sticky bruh. However, with the thick-y formula, is it may possible that it supposed to lock all of the previous cream we've put on our face?? 

Okay, lets just go to the next topic.

Cons :
1. This product isn't compatible with my skin huhu. I've used it for a month and my skin went breakout.

2. Since Laneige is a famous product that has been distributed in so many countries, why didn't they put the step/tutorial to use the product in the details of the package? some people might find it hard to know how to use it

3. The hole of skin refiner's tube is way too big, it spills out of the tube so easily bruh

Pros :
1. I like the skin refiner so much, it feels fresh and the smell is v v v good!

Well, i haven't found the other good thing abt this product, because like i've said before, my skin went breakout and it was terrible for me.


Maybe you'll like this product if you try it yourself since people's skin and opinion are different. And still, for me, trying this product was a wrong choice:)

Repurchase :
hm, No.

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