Château Labiotte Wine Liptint - CR01 Rose Coral [REVIEW]

Assalamu’alaikum, people!

Today, am going to review a product which is already famous among Korean Pop Lovers, especially EXO-L. In the middle of 2016, this item was mentioned on a song by EXO (a Korean Boyband) which titled LOTTO. The song brought a great impact to this product since it was very popular, anddd honestly, I bought this item because of that song too! Hahaha.

To make this quick, let’s jump to the review~~~

Price : around IDR 50k
Where to buy : @harumanis.indonesia (instagram)

Yesss I decided to buy the mini size to test out first about how good the liptint is. Hehe.
Claim of this product : “The long-wearing tint dyes the lip s with a bolt yet delicate color that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips.”

Pros :
1. Labiotte wine liptint’s floral smell is really niceee!
2. It doesnt dry up my lips even though my lips are normally dry
3. The shade is very prettyyyyyy

Cons :
1.  Actually, the longevity isn that ‘long’ as I expected. Because the claim says it’s a long-wearing tint.

Rating :
I think, it’s 8 out of 10
Because this liptint is pretty good but not very impressing:)

Thankchuuu for reading my post, XOXO.

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